Trio Siabod – Helen Southall, Russ Grant, Garfield Southall

Trio Siabod are inspired by Moel Siabod the most impressive mountain in Northern Snowdonia. Travellers and tourists, bumper to bumper on the main routes into Wales from the north, will not encounter the mountain’s splendour. Those who choose their road for the joy of the journey will always savour its spellbinding welcome. The Trio nurtures  a majestic musical landscape for natural spontaneity. This has evolved over 20 years of work shared in various ensembles. There is a clear structure and syntax celebrating both the intellectual and emotional  momentum of every piece, whether its origin is Louis Armstrong era New Orleans or the 21st century jazz dimensions of their own compositions…”

Clarinet and guitar embrace the subtle traditions & depth of their musical ancestry,  intensified  by dynamic percussion, merging and blending musical styles in new and exciting formats.

Clarinettist & saxophonist Helen Southall saw her first real live clarinet player when she was twelve, bought a clarinet for £55 from the school groundsman a few months later, and has been trying to work out what it’s all about ever since (& having a lot of fun in the process). She has played alto saxophone with the National Youth Wind Orchestra, studied clarinet and saxophone with Paul Harvey, and took part in saxophone masterclasses with Gerard McChrystal and Richard Ingham. More recently, she was a founder-member of C-City, has played in a duo with the pianist Raewyn Bailey, and has played at the Buxton Festival Fringe on many occasions with the Sovereign Saxophone Octet. She also plays bass clarinet with the North Cheshire Wind Orchestra, and an assortment of wind and percussion instruments with a free improvisation group in North Wales.

Guitarist and composer Russ Grant, has music published in the North West Real Book ( a collection of compositions by the north west’s top jazz composers). His band C-City regularly played festivals around the North West of England and North Wales and a long residency at the Mello Mello Bar in Liverpool established the band’s reputation amongst the City’s Jazz community.   Moving to Wales in 2015, Russ gigged with a Country & Western outfit before becoming a key member of the Improvisers North Wales organisation. 

Percussionist Garfield Southall, comes with drums in his blood, following in his father’s footsteps, and embracing the opportunities modern technology provides. Garfield has also played in small jazz combos and  free-improvisation ensembles, with such international artists as Maggie Nicholls, Damon Suzuki, and Brigitte Kuper.

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Russ, Helen, Garfield